Our Values

Our Corporate Values—What Our Team Does!

  1. Give “Genuine Hospitality” – Keep it real!
  2. The “power of a smile” goes a long way. Express genuine appreciation as your guests arrive and when they leave.
  3. We are a Team. Take pride in what we do! Every Team Member’s actions count in delivering a satisfied customer experience.
  4. Details, details, details – It’s the “small” details that add up to BIG success!
    Use your 5 senses!
  5. Keep it simple! Follow procedure and share your innovative ideas that will improve our hospitality.
  6. Ethical & honest relationships between Team Members, customers & suppliers are essential to our success.
  7. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
  8. For a Win-Win-Win: Reduce waste – Save the planet – Keep us financially healthy! Company property is every team member’s tool for success… treat it like it’s yours. It’s our shared goal to repay our investors so we can grow collectively.
  9. Proxima values honesty and respects confidentiality and expects all Team Members to share ideas and concerns with a manager, partner or owner.